The electric tricycle differential motor maintenance knowledge

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By differential motor brushless dc motor and differential (commonly known as the tooth package) :

: brushless dc motor is mainly composed of stator winding, rotor permanent magnet (tile) and position sensor (hall);

Differential: ability to make left and right driving wheels at different speed of rotation. Mainly by around half shaft gear, two planetary gear and gear rack.

Differential electrical differential is the electric tricycle power transmission mechanism, the following differential maintenance briefly as follows:

A, the following situations can cause electric differential damage:

1, differential oil (fatal damage), differential sound, long running internal tooth wear package;

2, differential oil did not change for a long time, a large number of ? the impurities to precipitate

Second, the daily maintenance of the motor of electric vehicle differential:

2.1, differential pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation, avoid foreign bodies keep out, if there is any foreign body clear in time;

2.2, washing the car, should avoid direct high pressure cleaning to vent, prevent water from entering the box body;

2.3 avoiding overload long-term use, the electric load (grade) as far as possible when using medium speed or torque gear;

Three, the electric differential motor common faults

3.1, differential sound, sound is divided into two kinds of voice:

3.1.1, shrill scream, commonly known as the noise is big, this exception is commonly gear clearance fit bad oil, gear oil shortage or metamorphic, which the fault should be in differential or replace gear oil;